Mineralia is the biggest exposition and business with minerals in Central Europe. In the exhibition space of 1300 m2, there we offer many completely unique exhibits from all over the world. Precious stones and minerals from all famous prospects are represented in collections; of course, you can find there also samples of precious stones found in the Czech Republic.

Huge amethyst geodes and clusters of crystals which are even several meters big or huge balls of crystal with the weight more than one ton belong to the most admired exhibits. A part of our collections are also rare exhibits from universe – for instance a fragment of the famous Chelyabinsk meteor which fell on the area of Russia on 15th February 2013 or Sikhote-Alin meteor from 1947.

We will be glad to offer you refreshment in our stylish coffee bar with tables from petrified wood. And that is not all! We are preparing new attractive showroom with a surprise!

Investment stones

Investment in gemstones is relatively a new term in the Czech Republic but it is a very frequent and popular way of investing abroad. Investment in gemstones is very specific in comparison with other investment instruments – because it isn´t a must to invest big amounts.
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