Investment in gemstones is relatively a new term in the Czech Republic but it is a very frequent and popular way of investing abroad. Investment in gemstones is very specific in comparison with other investment instruments – because it isn´t a must to invest big amounts. 

Profit of the investment in gemstones can be even 50% of the price. It is a result which you can´t get on in business with gold or diamonds. The price of diamonds is related namely to the exchange rate of dollar and therefore it is possible to make a maximal profit of units of percentage on the investment in diamonds. The disadvantage of gold is then its glut – there is a plenty of places where gold is mined all over the world. In addition to that, recycled gold also exists, e.g. from old jewellery. 

Which investment stones are most popular nowadays? E.g. demantoids belong to this group. Demantoid is a green sort of garnet which is mined only in five places in the world. Free coloured stones are much-sought-for, e.g. sapphires, garnets, tanzanites and tourmalines or stones in the form of jewellery.

A basic rule for the purchase of investment stones is to cooperate with a proof and trustful seller. Nowadays it is possible to adjust the colour as well as purity of most minerals therefore do not buy from unknown resources! In Mineralia, we guarantee you that all marketed investment stones are 100% original. We don´t purchase them namely via a mediator but we personally set for localities all over the world and choose the most interesting pieces for you. These stones have the biggest chance of appreciation. 

If you are interested in the purchase of investment stones, do not hesitate to contact us. We can offer you a private appointment with a professional consultant and a made-to-measure investment!

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